[3b] Schultze Family: Schultze-Hein + Gaedecke-Otto

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Heinrich Adolph Schultze b. 1820

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Louise Frederika Wilhelmine Hein -> Schultze b. ~1827

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Frederick Wilhelm Schultze b. 1849




Frederick Wilhelm Schultze

Parents Heinrich Adolph Schultze b. ~1820 and Louise Frederika Wilhelmine Hein b. ~1827


 Picture from ~1899: age 50


18 Jan 1852

1879 Marriage (30)

21 Jan 1879

1880 Census

1900 Census

State: Arkansas
County: Johnson
Township: Pittsburg
Town: Lamar

Census Date:                     June 5th 1900                                  
Head of Household:         Frederick Schultze b. Dec 1849 (50); married 21 years m. 1879; Year Immigration 1869; Years in US 30; Farm Laborer; (d. 1932)
Wife:                                   Annie b. May 1863 (37); m. 1879; Year Immigration 1869, Years in US 30; (d 1929)
Children:                             5 living of 6 total
Son:                                     Adolf J. b. Nov 1885 (14) place of birth: Arkansas
Son:                                     Frederick J. b. Sept 1887 (12) place of birth: Arkansas
Son:                                     Albert W. b. Nov 1890 (9) place of birth: Arkansas

Not included
Daughter:                           Minnie
Daughter:                           Freida (Alfreida) b. 1882 in Defiance OH

Married:                             m. Jan 21 1879 in Henry OH

1897 Marriage

Minnie Schultze

William Birse, who died in 1919 (42)


Between 1919 and 1934 married James P or M Hanson







1930 Census


1901 Son Adolph

Son Adolph ~1901 - Adolph Schultze – Age 16 in 1901 – Living in Lamar Arkansas


Grave Stone

Park Grove Cemetery



Johann Fredrich Gaedecke b. 1826

 In Progress

Dorothea Louise Otto -> Gaedecke b. 1838


23 Oct 1838


Dorothea Louise Otto

Parents Johan (John) Friedrich Otto and Louise Lakemacher


28 May 1863



14 Nov 1857 (19)

Johann Friedrich Gaedecke b. 1826 and Caroline Dorothea Louise Otto (Yedica) b. 1838


28 May 1863 (25)

Anna Dorothea Gaedecke



1869 (32)






Anna Dorothea Gaedecke -> Schultze b. 1863


28 May 1863


Parents Johan Fredrick Gaedecke (1826) and Dorothea Louise Otto (1838)


 Picture from ~1899: (36)


13 Jun 1863




         Anne Dorothea    28 May                             Johann Frederick   Dorothea Luise

         Gaedecke              1863                                 Gaedecke                 Otto






Immigration to US



1870 Census (7)

@ Henry, OH


Married (16)

21 Jun 1879

@ Henry, OH

Frederick Wilhelm Schultze

1880 Census (17)

Daughter (17)

1 Feb 1880

2 Feb 1880 • Henry County, Ohio

Daughter (20)

7 Apr 1883

Alfreida Magdalena Schultze










Alfreida Magdalena Schultze -> Walsh, Sanders b. 1883


7 Apr 1883

Napoleon OH


Parents Friedrich Wilhelm Schultze (1849) and Anna Dorothea Gaedecke (1863)






Defiance OH



Tauf Regeister = Birth Register  = 1882-1883

Tag der Geburt = Day of Birth = 7 April 1883

Tag der Taufe = Day of Baptism = not listed

Kindername = Childs Name = Alfrieda Maria Magdalena

Vatername = Fathers Name = Fredrick Schultz

Muttername = Mothers Name = Anna ? Gädike

Taufpaten = God Parents = August Röhrs, Dorthea Schröder, Louise (?) Schultz
Pastor? =  Pastor = K Strumpf





St Marks Church in Defiance OH

There is no web site for the church, but there is a web site here that describes the church, I can’t tell from the satellite pictures if it’s the same. This possibly is the site of the church where Frieda was baptized in 1883. Of course it’s not the same church as 1882, would be interesting to know if is on the same property.



Satellite picture from Google:


Hard tell without a street view


This person has a web blog with pictures of the sign, you can see it in the satellite picture near the 175 label



St Marks Lutheran Church

25950 Nagel Rd, Defiance, OH 43512


This picture is from a find a grave site





Found another one that references St Marks near Defiance, this church looks a lot bigger



This page didn’t help either – lists 54 Lutheran Churches near Defiance OH



These are the two named St Marks:

St Marks Lutheran Church

St Marks Lutheran Church is located in Defiance. Their exact address is: 25950 Nagel Rd. You can call them at (419) 428-2683. Read more about St Marks Lutheran Church in Defiance, OH


This is the 2nd one in the area, not expecting it is the same church.

Bethlehem St Marks Lutheran

Bethlehem St Marks Lutheran is located in Defiance. Regarded as one of the best Lutheran Churches in Defiance area, Bethlehem St Marks Lutheran is located at 2499 Adams Ridge Rd. Need to give Bethlehem St Marks Lutheran a call? (419) 758-3823. Read more about Bethlehem St Marks Lutheran in Defiance, OH


1891 (8)

Death of Mother’s Mother Dorothea Louise Otto Gaedeke 1838-1891

Photo (16?)

~ 1899

Move to Arkansas

Sometime between Frieda’s birth in Ohio in 1883 and the 1900 Census, the family relocated to Lamar Arkansas. Distance is 800 miles.



The marriage license with Michael Walsh show their residence as Luthersville, 8 miles east. Tulsa is 190 west.



Frieda or Marie?

Not clear which name Frieda prefers, Frieda or Maria, but since she consistently uses Marie during her 2nd marriage.

Married (17)

19 Mar 1900

Lamar, Arkansas

First marriage to Michael James Walsh (1862) age 37 – age listed as 35





Son 1901 (18)

James Michael Walsh b. 11 Jan 1901



Son 1902 (19)

Frederick Richard Walsh b. 30 Sep 1902



Son 1903 (20)

Joseph Paul Walsh b. 11 Nov 1904



1904 Event

Death of Grandmother (Mother’s Father) Johann Fredrich Gaedecke 1826-1904

Son 1907 (24)

John Walter Walsh b. 3 Oct 1907



1910 Census (27)


1914 (31)

1913? James Michael as about 12; Freda left Michael with the 3 older boys James, Frederick, and Joseph, and took John.

Eventually maried Charles Sanders – in Oklahoma about 1914? and had son Frank Sanders, born in Oklahoma Feb 16 1919

Frank married widow Lina Matosich, who from previous marrige had daughter Helen Matosich in 1940 and son Steven Matosich in 1941. Frank and Lina Saunders had a son Frank “Frankie” Saunders who graduated high school 1957? born in 1939?

Freida takes on the name Marie Magdelena Sanders.

1915? (32)

2nd Marriage

2nd Marriage to Charles Sanders, b 1876, 7 years older than Marie, but not 21 years older as was Michael Walsh, b 1862. Assuming the marriage is in 1915, Marie is 32, Charles is 39. At this time Michael is 53.

1917 (34)

Back in Texas, Son #1 James Walsh left home to join the US Navy at age 16. He lied about his age, stating that he was 17 and born in 1900. All his legal records show that he was born in 1900, not 1901.

1918 (35)

31 Aug 1918

Marriage to Charles E Sanders (42) both listed Residence at Fort Smith, Sebastian, Arkansas

Son #5 1919 (36)

Frank Dorwin Sanders, born 16 Feb 1919 in Jenks, OK

1929 (46)

Death of Mother Anna Dorotha Gaedecke Schultz (66) 1863-1929 in Tulsa OK

1930 Census (47)

Shows Marie living with Charles Sanders at their rented home in Tulsa, OK. Frank is 11, Marie 47, Charles 54.

1932 (49)

First Husband Michael Walsh died 27 Mar 1862 (70) in Shigobee, Cass Co, Minnesota

1932 (49)

Death of Father Fredrich Wilhelm Schultze (83) 1849-1932 in Tulsa, OK

1935 (52)

Birth of Granddaughter Margaret Mary Walsh, 5 Jun 1935.

1940 Census

Shows Charles Sanders as divorced and living as a lodger with another family, implying that Marie is no longer living in Tulsa, possible moved to San Francisco.


April 1940 Marie (57) visited Vallejo, Madeline (38) 9 months pregnant walked to corner of Tennessee & Wilson to catch the Jitney from Mare Island to downtown Vallejo. Madeline could not walk home, Mary Biama drove by and gave her a ride home. Same visit James (39) had tonsils out. During the visit Marie was a constant complainer. 74 B street, Marie stayed for a dew days.


Marie visited, Maggie 7th grade went to camp and was happy she was gone. End of June/begin July. Marie was not living in SF area, possibly came to SF area for wedding of son Frank Sanders and Lina Matosich.

About 1947

Son Frank Sanders marries Lina Cervelli Matosich, recently widowed after death of Tony Matosich on 12 Mar 1947. Lina has two children Helen Matosich b 1940 and Steven Matosich b 1941 that become Marie’s Grandchildren.

Died (67)

8 Feb 1950

San Francisco CA



Graduation party for Frank’s son Frankie in SF, Jim and Margaret attended, Madeline stayed home. At this event. Frank, Lina,  Helen (17), Steve (16). Frankie Frank C and Martha Sanders.

Husband Charles

Son Frank


1930 Census


1940 Census


Frank Death


2006 – 59 years = 1947 = year of marriage to Lina Matosich


Eulogy messages



Eulogy Insights

Frank Dorwin Sanders had sone Frank C Sanders who lived in Vancouver with wife “Muff”; Frank C and Muff have Julie and Frank III

Frank was a Ford car mechanic





3 Oct 1918

1930 Census


1936 Yearbook

  Spelled as Lena Cervelli


1938 Directory

1940 Census


This is Tony Matosich – transcriber got the name wrong



Marriage to Frank Sanders?



25 April 2010?



28 Nov 1912

Antone “Tony” Matosich

First husband of Rose Lina Cervelli

1930 Census


Tony Matosich – transcriber got name wrong again. Died 12 Mar 1947 age 35.


1947 Death

12 Mar 1947

San Francisco



Birth 1940

Helen Matosich

First Child of Tony Matosich and Lina Cervelli Matosich

2017 Jubilee

Helen Matosich

2017 – 78 = 1939




Birth 1941

1 Apr 1941

Steven Anton Matosich

2nd Child of Tony Matosich and Lina Cervelli Matosich


USF 1964 (23)



1993 to 2008


2020 Search

Radius search

Search May 2020 – 79 - 1941



1949 Birth

Frank C Sanders


10 Jul 1970